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  • Oct 11, 2020 by Cheryl Haines

    Excellent haircut by Mihai!!!!

  • Jun 05, 2020 by Susan Cervantes

    I have been a client of this salon for years, Ashley was my stylist. I am so sorry she moved away. I have been patiently waiting for this salon to re-open..calling periodically, leaving messages. I have seen Todd before, so I was put on his waiting list. I called today for an appt. the receptionist made an appt for next week. She then put me on hold, came back telling me Todd doesn’t remember me and I would have to be listed as a new client, making me wait till July. I am disappointed and now have changed salons. I understand this is a tough time for them, but to be pushed aside after being a client for many years is unfortunate. Think twice about going back to Bladerunner... they don’t seem to honor years of my business, so goodbye to you! BTW, the new salon is small, dirty, loud, and lacks the charm Bladerunner always used to have...

  • Jan 05, 2020 by Shelley S.

    My daughter needed a last minute color correction.  Todd the Owner kindly assessed my daughter's hair and quickly matched her with Joy.  I'm so grateful for this Salon taking my child in on such short notice and making her feel beautiful again. I know how difficult it is to make a teen happy.  She  was very particular with what she wanted spending hours scouring Instagram.  I know how difficult it is to achieve hair results from a filtered photo, but Joy nailed it.  I'm over the moon with their customer service & professionalism.

  • Jul 25, 2019 by J R.

    check your f'ing voicemail & follow up with your customers before they decide to bitch you out on yelp and all other social media & review sites! if you try contacting the salon for an appt. and get a voicemail message stating 'we are experiencing high call volume' and please leave a message - do not expect a callback!   because they never check them even though their voicemail states 'we will get back to you!' this has now happened countless times and always has me chasing them for appt that now may have been already filled further screwing with my schedule. you've lost another customer - thanks!

  • Jul 11, 2019 by Denise K.

    The owner Todd does not stand behind his staff, in particular Tai Miller who botched my extensions, my hair literally tore out at the scalp!!! Don't go to Bladerunner if you want 100% service!

  • Jul 08, 2019 by Angie G.

    My husband has been to Mihai twice! (Not sure if I spelled that right?) We love how he intuitively knows what is going to look good on someone! He gave my husband a slightly updated look to his usual style all without needing to explain our vision. It looked GREAT! We highly recommend him!

  • Jul 02, 2019 by Mark Jacobs

    Good cut from Megan.

  • Jun 07, 2019 by Kitrina Bryant

    I was basically a walk-in but got one of the greatest haircuts of my life from Meagan

  • Feb 20, 2019 by Sachi Patel

    Totally rip off place. Don't provide services but charge like high end place.

  • Feb 20, 2019 by Sarah F.

    LOVE Bladerunner! So lucky to have found Todd - amazing cut/color every time. And everyone there is so nice and professional. Highly recommended!

  • Feb 08, 2019 by Scott F.

    Mihai is the man - this guy rocks!  I've been seeking a hairstylist on the central coast the past 5 years and have continually been disappointed until I walked into Bladerunner Salon and met Mihai - this guy knows his stuff hands-down!  He is multi-talented giving you the style, shape, cut, or color you want!  He simply does great work and will make you look like a star - by far the best cut I've had over the past 30 years - thank you Mihai!

  • Dec 28, 2018 by Claire Missire

    Megan. That's all you need to know.

  • Dec 20, 2018 by Karla Hc

    the treatment is very good, but my keratin in the hair, not the first wash returned to the original condition my hair I feel very sad, they gave me good treatment.

  • Dec 14, 2018 by Joy De Vivre De vive


  • Nov 03, 2018 by Jessica D.

    This place is definitely one that I would go back to in a heartbeat.  Friendly staff and great service.  Only downfall is finding parking.

  • Oct 25, 2018 by Erica P.

    If you are looking to get your hair done, I would highly recommend Tuzzan, she is GREAT at highlights and very gentle, takes her time, makes sure it's perfect, and listens to exactly what you are asking for. Very happy with my results, thanks again Tuzzan! :)

  • Aug 19, 2018 by Stephanie Paz

    Cameron was phenomenal! I was in town for a wedding and walked by this place. Was able to make an appointment for a few hours later during my sons nap. I arrived 15 min early and Cameron was waiting for me. She got me started right away and was very thurough, listening to everything I was looking for and using her expertise to help me achieve a look that suited my face shape and personal style. It took a bit longer than expected, my husband and son were waiting, but that is only because she took her time to get it right. That’s often hard to find. I will be back whenever we are in the area.

  • Aug 06, 2018 by Emily De Silva

    I am 7 months pregnant and had a prenatal massage booked for 11am on a Saturday that I was very much looking forward to. I was notified upon arrival the lady was running 15 min late and to take a seat. Then, 30 minutes later I went to check back in at the front desk since there had been no update and was told it was going to be another 10-15 minutes! I had to be somewhere by 1pm and it was now too late for me to wait any longer and start an hour massage. I asked if I could move my apt to later in the day or to Sunday. Her only available apt was for 2pm that day, which wasn't feasible for me with my commitment at 1pm. When I had booked the apt. that week I was told her availability was open all day and to pick any time. She also didn't work Sundays. I had to cancel all together and since I was in town just for the weekend, the spa didn't do ANYTHING to accommodate the cancellation or for keeping me waiting for 45 min. past my confirmed apt. They just said sorry and moved on to the next customer. I was shocked at the poor customer service, being kept waiting for that long and the lack of authority at the front desk for a busy Saturday. I would have happily come back as a paying customer for a different service later that day or the following but nothing was offered to me. Severely disappointed.

  • Aug 06, 2018 by Emily D.

    I am 7 months pregnant and had a prenatal massage booked for 11am on a Saturday that I was very much looking forward to. I was notified upon arrival the lady was running 15 min late and to take a seat. Then, 30 minutes later I went to check back in at the front desk since there had been no update and was told it was going to be another 10-15 minutes! I had to be somewhere by 1pm and it was now too late for me to wait any longer and start an hour massage. I asked if I could move my apt to later in the day or to Sunday. Her only available apt was for 2pm that day, which wasn't feasible for me with my commitment at 1pm. When I had booked the apt. that week I was told her availability was open all day and to pick any time. She also didn't work Sundays. I had to cancel all together and since I was in town just for the weekend, the spa didn't do ANYTHING to accommodate the cancellation or for keeping me waiting for 45 min. past my confirmed apt. They just said sorry and moved on to the next customer. I was shocked at the poor customer service, being kept waiting for that long and the lack of authority at the front desk for a busy Saturday. I would have happily come back as a paying customer for a different service later that day or the following but nothing was offered to me. Severely disappointed.

  • Jul 23, 2018 by Alanna Alexander

    Hailey is the best! Amazing cut and color! Thanks!

  • May 11, 2018 by Oct29 Lover

    Joy is inexperienced and this place is not reasonably priced. There are better places in town and better priced. A complete waste of my precious time and money

  • May 05, 2018 by Carol D.

    This was my first time going to The Bladerunner.  I am from the Central Valley and was unable to go to my regular stylist. I needed my hair washed and styled (curling iron) for my son's rehearsal dinner and wedding.  I called in at 9:00AM, left a message and they immediately called me back.  Asked what time was most convenient for me and scheduled me for 12:00 PM with Jasmine. When I arrived, I was immediately taken in by Jasmine. I showed her a picture of what my hair looks like right after it has been done.  Between her wonderful skill and her attentiveness to my descriptions of how and what my regular hairdresser does to achieve my style - voila' perfection! I could not have been happier!  She was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone.

  • Mar 24, 2018 by Wil Hutton

    I took my three year old here to get his hair cut and Lorily did an amazing job. She was really good with him. I'm considering starting to go here for my haircuts.

  • Mar 10, 2018 by Jennifer A.

    This was my first time going to The Bladerunner! I came in as a walk in and they were able to get my blow out started within minutes of coming in! I had Nicole do my hair and it turned out great! I will come here more often!

  • Jan 22, 2018 by Joy De Vivre De vive


  • Dec 14, 2017 by Fella Gutierrez

    Meghan is my girl! Can't go anywhere else but to her.

  • Sep 03, 2017 by tracy knauss

    Simply Fabulous! I have my hair done there for years~Todd is the best. I also have my eye lashes and brows tinted, there's no place better in San Luis Obispo. The spa side is lovely, quiet, a cocoon of serenity. Terrific massages. It seems like there is a salon on every corner in SLO these days, but none of them hold a candle to the best. Bladerunner.
    Great location, walking distance from everywhere in town. A full retail line of product quality products.
    I highly recommend.
    BTW, I think it's very unfair that some random person posted a picture through the window after the salon closed, clearly, with the garbage cans visible. They should take that down!
    The salon is beautifully decorated, and impeccably clean. Friendly service. The owners are present and hands on.

  • Aug 21, 2017 by Cynthia H.

    Went in for just a hair cut. I was a late appointment so I was just alone with the hairdresser. I was planning to cut almost 11 inches of my hair. While the salon was beautiful and my hairdresser did a great job at conversing, one thing remains to have irked me. I asked for my hair to come up just below my shoulders, as I knew that is what I wanted before coming in. My request followed by a shaking of the head, and a face that said "that won't look good." I am just disappointed my hairdresser did not give me what I really wanted. He said if I cut it near my arm pit then my hair could annoy me as it gets stuck under my arm. Which I mean, is not a concern I had, nor an issue as my hair was down to my butt so I knew exactly what that annoyance feels like. Luckily, I was in a mood to just do whatever so I got my hair cut and went about my day. Really great hair cut, just wish I had more say in it.

  • Aug 16, 2017 by Adele McGee


  • Jul 24, 2017 by Liz Simpson

    First timer at blade runner salon after going to faces ala mode and two hair screw ups from there people be warned DO NOT go to faces way over priced terrible service rude stylists I found Thai at blade runner salon and what a find! He was fantastic very professional reasonable prices I was so happy with my hair I nearly cried finally after all this time a great one he's the best thanks Thai I will definitely be back!

  • Jul 20, 2017 by Ethan M.

    Took my girlfriend here to get her hair done and most of the workers were super nice, with the exception of her hair stylist, Meghan who wasn't someone I would want to be touching me. Extremely rude and pretty overpriced for her services. Dropped $180 on one coat of highlights... not too stoked but everyone else there was great.

  • Jul 10, 2017 by Beloved C.

    I got a prenatal massage from Tuzzon and LOVED every single second of it. She is magic and I am so thankful to have found her. The room was cozy and dark with essential oils being diffused and calming music on. Tuzzon was very accommodating to my HUGE belly and was great about checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable. Can't wait to go back for more!

  • May 04, 2017 by Kelly R.

    Thank you Ashley! She got my hair back to the style I like, I just love. I got color and cut this last appointment and she did a terrific job. Lots of compliments, thanks again

  • Mar 23, 2017 by Kaitlyn C.

    So we called multiple times over the past few weeks to make sure that we could get in for manicures and pedicures. They did not return messages, and we could not get through. Showed up today hoping to try walk ins. Nope. I understand that we didn't make reservations, but we called a bunch of times, and left multiple messages. The real problem though was the attitude we got from the girl at the front desk. She was rude, disrespectful and did her best to make it our fault that we never received a return call. I was planning on getting manicure, pedicure, facial and massage. I'm pretty sure the rest of my wedding party was planning on following suit. Too bad they never returned our calls and were incredibly rude...

  • Feb 23, 2017 by Brian H.

    Mihai rocks! The best from LA to SF and we are lucky to have such a talented artist here on the central coast.

  • Feb 12, 2017 by Chloe R.

    Unfriendly and unaccommodating when the receptionist scheduled my appointment incorrectly. I had to walk out and I will not be walking back in.

  • Jan 26, 2017 by Julia C.

    This salon is amazing! I've only been in once, but my experience was perfect. First of all, it's super conveniently located. In the heart of downtown, it's...

  • Jan 26, 2017 by Julia C.

    This salon is amazing! I've only been in once, but my experience was perfect. First of all, it's super conveniently located. In the heart of downtown, it's within walking distance of two parking garages and the salon will validate your ticket. The salon itself is clean and organized and quite spacious. The staff is friendly, and because it is so large it never seems too loud or smells of too many hair chemicals. Megan did my hair, and I got exactly what I asked for. I showed her two and photos of a cut and color and she did an awesome job! It didn't take too long and the price was very reasonable. It was also convenient that I could make the appointment online and they confirmed by calling me just a few minutes later.

  • Nov 08, 2016 by Kathryn S.

    I called to make some appointments for pre wedding- including manicure/pedicures for my bridesmaids and waxing. The lady on the phone was extremely rude, it wouldn't have bothered me if they had explained there was no way to schedule the appointments all at the same time, but the lady was so rude on the phone and was acting like I was completely inconveniencing them trying to make these appointments. In the end I made reservations for my party elsewhere.

  • Oct 15, 2016 by Ryan C.

    I recommend this place to anyone wanting a 5 star haircut. I've been here twice and have not been disappointed. Heather is a very talented hairstylist. Not...

  • Oct 15, 2016 by Ryan C.

    I recommend this place to anyone wanting a 5 star haircut. I've been here twice and have not been disappointed. Heather is a very talented hairstylist. Not only does she give bad ass haircuts, but she is an awesome person and super chill to talk to! Finally, I found a place in SLO that I can count on! Thanks Heather and Bladerunners!

  • Aug 29, 2016 by Nick D.

    I go to see Kiel every three weeks.  He does a fantastic job, and is able to work around all the weird issues with my hair to see a good finished product.  Highly recommend.

  • Aug 28, 2016 by Amber E.

    I have gone to Heather a few times for a haircut and she always does a great job. I always leave with exactly what I wanted. This last visit was no exception. I told her I wanted to do something crazy and go purple, and I think she was just as excited about it as I was, if not more! I am so so happy with the end result. It turned out even better than I could have imagined. It also doesn't hurt that Heather is such an awesome person and definitely loves what she does. She listened to my ideas, and offered suggestions of her own to help me achieve the look I was going for. Thank you so much Heather for my amazing color!!

  • Aug 27, 2016 by Veronica D.

    Sherry Linane is a hair colorist extraordinaire! She did a gorgeous weave of peacock colors in my daughter's hair. I wish I could post a pic here for all to see, because it is truly amazing! Plus she treated my daughter like a princess, making sure she felt special and pampered the whole time. The process took a while, but it was well worth it to see the huge smile on my daughter's face when she saw the end result. The salon itself is clean and welcoming. I highly recommend Bladerunner Salon and especially Sherry, who also did an awesome Brazilian Blowout on my hair. Love it!

  • Aug 19, 2016 by Gina T.

    I've been to so many  salons LA, Bay Area I have been to the top salon and they always promise a lot and delivered very little and I alway leave disappointed. I have to say that Bladerunner put them all to shame they are not just stylist  they are artist. I saw Mihai and he was amazing and I suggest if you live in SLO or your visiting SLO. Get your hair done like you want it. You will not be disappointed if you go to Bladerunner Salon. Thanks Mihai

  • Jul 25, 2016 by Gina Kopcrak

    I spent $50 here to get my hair done for a Christmas party, and they tried out a new hair iron. My hair had completely fallen flat during the ten minute drive to the party. However, the staff is nice, and the hair looked good right after he did it.

  • Jul 24, 2016 by Marian W.

    Had the most amazing manicure and pedicure from Trina!!!! Bladerunner Salon and Spa is the best in SLO!!!

  • Jul 21, 2016 by Ginger S.

    I have never had such a wonderful experience. Elizabeth at the Bladerunner is by far the most professional and talented esthetician I have seen. She made my experience comfortable and relaxing. Her facial and waxing techniques are unsurpassed.

  • Jul 15, 2016 by Leslie D.

    Love this salon and all the staff. Krisa is the best! Cut, color and convo is always amazing. Best in SLO.

  • Jul 13, 2016 by Kylea A.

    I've known Elizabeth Alvarado, for many years now and I only trust her with all of my services especially waxing. She is so calm, funny and just talks you through the whole process of getting a Brazilian wax. She always puts me at ease and I will travel 2 hours just to see her because I literally don't trust anyone else to do these services for me. You will not regret getting in to see her at Bladerunner. If you have any doubt look up her reviews in the Visalia area and see all her amazing reviews from other people. Metropolis body spa and Salon 525. Love you girl!! We all miss you in the valley.

  • Jun 25, 2016 by Kevin M.

    My wife has been distraught after experiencing excessive hair loss due to a medical condition over the past year.  (I learned the hard way what a big deal this is for women).  She worked up a lot of confidence to walk into a new salon and ask for a cut, only to find herself perched in a chair with the stylist picking through her thinning hair, clearly displeased with what little she had to work with.  Hair-shaming, anyone?  She offered nothing in terms of styling suggestions, and not even the smallest word of confidence.  My wife came home very upset.   it would be nice if professional stylists realized not everyone has beautiful long locks and healthy hair - most women suffering with hair loss shed a lot of tears over this condition - some even find it hard to leave the house, let alone walk into a hair salon. My wife said her haircut was so unprofessional she'll just have me cut it next time, and save herself the embarrassment.  That says a lot. Everyone should walk out of a hair salon feeling better than they did when they came in.  Bladerunner Salon:  I hope you read this and take note.

  • Jun 23, 2016 by Darian K.

    Was glad I decided to go here for a cut. Called at 10:30 and I was able to get an appointment by noon. So props to the ability to accommodate for practically a walk-in because some salons are strictly by appointment only. The stylist that cut my hair was Kiel. He had a wonderful attitude and very social. Additionally, his overall approach to cutting hair was top notch. He really got an idea of what I wanted, kinda studied my hair a little, and then begin the process. Overall thorough and meticulous job he employed while cutting my hair. Would highly recommend him for mens cuts, I'm sure he's good at women's haircuts too. Lastly, the haircut was fairly priced! All in all, it was solid experience and I am excited to return for my next haircut!

  • Jun 03, 2016 by Ally L.

    Coming to college last year I realized that I was going to need to find a place to get my hair done in SLO as I didn't want to plan my trips home around a...

  • Jun 03, 2016 by Ally L.

    Coming to college last year I realized that I was going to need to find a place to get my hair done in SLO as I didn't want to plan my trips home around a hair appointment! I searched Yelp for a bunch of different places and found Bladerunner. I read a bunch of reviews and saw that Mihai had some amazing ones so I decided to give him a shot. He absolutely did not fall short of the reviews-he is absolutely amazing! He truly cares about his clients and settles whatever nerves I have anytime I come in for a trim! He has so many helpful tips and tricks that I really feel have helped my hair grow and remain healthy. I would 10/10 recommend Mihai, he really knows what he is doing and I leave the salon loving the look every time!

  • May 11, 2016 by Paige B.

    Came in to get a full highlight. Probably the worst highlights I've ever gotten. She just used straight bleach and that made my hair yellow when I asked for ashy. She also didn't touch my roots at all leaving it still looking like my roots have grown out. Also, she was 10 minutes late and cut two other people's hair while I was just sitting there. Not very professional. I called in the next day expressing how I didn't like how it turned out and the staff didn't even say sorry and just made up an excuse and had an attitude. I thought this was suppose to be the best salon in Slo?

  • May 01, 2016 by Denise D.

    This is such a cute salon. I wished the service matched the salon decor. I was very pleased when I called at 4:30 and was told they could take me, right then, for a pedicure. I stated I had gel on my toes, but the pedicure at seemed unfamiliar with that fact when I checked in. Maybe I'm used to Bay Area prices, but $80 for an EXPRESS pedicure, with soak off seems STEEP! So with tip, $96 dollars later, and I realize my pedicure is uneven, my toenails were trimmed unevenly, and I'm missing polish on 3 out of 10 of my toes. Sorry, I'm not sure who'd pay $96 for that?

  • May 01, 2016 by Marilu M.

    Not impressed... Maybe because I walk in without appointment. Personnel is very friendly and nice. Place is clean, nice decor...But...Hair style :I came out looking like my grandmother in the 50 (not what I was looking for) Manicure: 20 minutes for a natural manicure, no polish, no buffer.. 30 dollars??!!  Sorry, but this is not what I was expecting.

  • Apr 19, 2016 by Raine Brinsfield

    I had previously won a hundred dollar gift card at a Bridal Event, and I was in SLO for the weekend to find a dress. Perfect opportunity to use the card to buy things at their store! We walked in and we were greeted, the salon is really nice. I picked out 6 things to buy with my gift card and my card. My sister saw a sign that said Free gift for birthdays and first time in the store, she innocently asked if that applied to us, just being curious. The girl checking us out didn't know (she was very sweet) and she went to ask a guy with brown hair who was working on someone. He was very rude, I mean rolling his eyes rude and scoffing saying that it's for people getting services done. She walked back and the whole time he was staring at us like we were idiots. I wanted to cry, who works with people on a daily basis and doesn't know how to respond right to others. I got checked out, and she took my number in case I ever came back and I let her know I would never return. That kind of ugliness really hit me hard when I left. Hope no one ever books with him, and I wish I had a name!!

  • Apr 13, 2016 by Jessika Bishop

    I have been going to Jasmine for a few years now. She cuts, colors and styles my hair EXACTLY how I want it done. My hair is long, thick and wavy, so hair cuts are not something I generally look forward to. Except with Jasmine :) She knows just how to cut my hair, what colors will look the best and then when I leave with my hair all styled, I feel like a million bucks! When I ask Jasmine to take off...say 1". She starts off with 1/2" and asks me how I like it. hahah ladies with long hair know what I JASMINE IS THE SHIZZ! GO SEE HER ALWAYS AND FOREVER!

  • Mar 24, 2016 by Sharyl N.

    My hair ALWAYS looks fabulous, and not just when I walk out of the salon! Mihai is the man! He does amazing color and a perfect cut every time! Mihai also does the keratin express on my hair. Ladies......this is the stylist to see....but please don't take my next appointment!

  • Mar 10, 2016 by Sooz W.

    You're always treated courteously at The Bladerunner, from the time you call for an appointment.  The person who answers the phone uses your first name and really sounds like they are looking forward to seeing you.  The place is always buzzing with people and the stylists are all so interesting to people-watch.  They have an incredible number of products you can purchase, whether its for your hair, your ears, your neck, or your skin.  It's so easy to find and close to a parking structure, and they'll give you a token to pay for your parking there.  I've been having my hair cut, trimmed, highlighted, lowlighted, and otherwise pampered by Ashley Seltun for about four years now.  Her own look is fabulous and always inspiring, and she always remembers to ask after whatever has been going on in my life, and makes me feel like we are buddies.

  • Mar 09, 2016 by Christa R.

    I love my haircut that Megan gave me today!  It is so cute and I have had a lot of compliments already! I have know Todd forever and I love his salon  and how I feel when I am there!! The BEST salon in SLO!!

  • Mar 03, 2016 by Kristen A.

    I'm currently in the process of growing my hair out and although (cutely!) atrocious, the split ends have been piling up and a snide comment from mom told me it was finally time for a cut. I was a walk-in appointment and Anne took me under her wing. Oh my God it's like my hair was in a tired, dead-bedroom relationship and Anne took my hair on a much-needed date; I swear I think she just grafted new hair on my scalp. Got a shampoo, cut, and styling. It's SO smooth and voluminous and cute. I would usually describe my hair as rough-textured and thin and difficult but the cut she gave me is pretty dang manageable. Anne you hair magician I will see you soon to have more magic performed on my hair. A little pricey but the staff seem to know what they're doing. Also Bladerunners staff are super nice.

  • Feb 17, 2016 by Amanda B.

    Very pleased with their service! Took my almost 2 yrs old son on a walk in. Sara did a great job while he wiggled an tried to get out of the chair. She was patient and kind. My little Archer gave her a kiss at the end. PS the price was good too :)

  • Dec 17, 2015 by Cintia S.

    The service is great! They are very professional and always on time. I had a prenatal massage with Tuzzan and I loved it. Now I'm ready to try their facials, so I'll update the review afterwards.

  • Nov 20, 2015 by Leslie D.

    The atmosphere is fantastic in this salon. It is always nice to see stylists giving advice to help their colleagues. AUDREY is the absolute best stylist I have ever had, and I have been a stylist myself. She is fantastic with all aspects of color and cuts. She listens to what her customer wants!! She is knowledgeable and friendly. My daughter and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • Nov 01, 2015 by angelica s.

    I highly recommend Audrey. She is one talented hair stylist. Audrey, pays very close attention to her clients needs. It's been almost two years since I met Audrey its been great having her as my hair stylist.

  • Oct 30, 2015 by Marlena C.

    I've been happy with all the haircuts I've had here, but I especially recommend AUDREY! I just tell her what I find difficult with my hair and she knows what to do. She takes into consideration what the cut will look different ways and gives me easy tips that I can actually do on my own hair. She has a great personality for easy conversation, the time goes by quick.

  • Sep 23, 2015 by Elizabeth L.

    Dawn Johnson is an eyelash goddess. I had gotten my eyelashes done in Orange County and when I moved up here I needed a fill. She did an amazing job they match my other lashes well and they look so full but also natural. She is very personable and works quickly. Highly recommend her!

  • Aug 31, 2015 by Sarah C.

    I was walking around downtown SLO and decided to get my hair cut. I popped in to see if they would take a walk-in. They got me in a chair right away! My stylist was Sarah and she was very nice and did a great job with my hair and she gave good advice for future hair care. Overall I really enjoyed this place.

  • Aug 28, 2015 by Laura R.

    The worst hair cut and color ever! I went here in March, I actually wrote a prior yelp review, but i don't know where it is. Anyway, It is five months later and i still hate my hair. It has grown out awful. I went in for a bob and got a short shag, and has now grown into a long shag. Awful, awful, awful! the guy layered me from the crown down. Um, hi? I didn't even ask for layers! I would never go here again or recommend this place to anyone! They didn't even offer to give me my money back! I was mortified with the color too. I wanted to be blonde blonde, yet I was some dish water yucky crap. nothing like the picture I had brought in. ....not even close! I wore extensions for the last five months and thought it would be better when I took them out. Nope! just the same ugly cut,  but longer!

  • Aug 27, 2015 by Jared F.

    Took me a long time to find a great stylist for a male haircut and Kiel has been awesome! I hesitate to write this review because I don't want to make it any harder to get an appointment with him but it took a lot to find a good male stylist so I wanted to share the knowledge. Typical experience is a shampoo and relaxing head massage to start, a great cut, then a rinse and style and I'm on my way; looking and feeling better. Also notable is they have a great selection of high end hair products.

  • Jun 27, 2015 by Alyssa M.

    I didn't realize how much a good haircut and nice eyebrows could make such a big difference on self confidence. I've never had short hair and I'd never gotten my eyebrows done, but I went here and did both for the first time, and I can honestly say that I am beyond impressed. I didn't schedule an appointment, so I just walked in and got immediate service. Dawn did my eyebrows, and she not only knew what she was doing (and did it really well!!), but she was also very kind and understanding, considering I'd never gotten my eyebrows done before. I really felt comfortable. And then I got a haircut from Megan, and I absolutely LOVE my hair now. I got an edgy, short haircut resembling that of Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black. Not only did she cut my hair, but she also gave my suggestions for hair products for me to use and different ways to style it. I'm extremely happy with my time with Dawn and Megan, and I'm definitely coming back!

  • Jun 18, 2015 by Karina M.

    Absolutely recommend Megan at bladerunner ! She listened to what I wanted done and it came out better than expected . I've been getting balayage for about a year and she's done it the best I've seen yet ! She took her time and I am definitely going back ! Highly recommend her to anyone.

  • Jun 13, 2015 by Travis B.

    Had Ann for a men's haircut and she was awesome. Took me in as a walk-in and did a great job! Would recommend!

  • May 24, 2015 by Lacey P.

    After trying a few salons in the area, Bladerunner is a perfect fit. Megs does a wonderful job with eyebrows and I have to say I am so happy with the way Anne does my hair. Anne does amazing highlights, cuts and styling. Both these ladies are great to talk to and very talented.  My salon search is officially over.

  • Apr 15, 2015 by Crystal G.

    I have been going here for over a year. Kiel does such a wonderful job on my blonde hair. My hair is naturally very dark and he is able to achieve such a great blonde. He did a wonderful bob hair cut the last 3 times I have been in. The angles are prefect. A lady stopped me just as I was walking in to see who did my hair. She was going in for the first time. I have used the waxing and eyelash service from Dawn J. She is wonderful and so is her personality. The girls at the front of the salon have always been sweet.

  • Apr 14, 2015 by Jessica S.

    Nails by Ashley  exactly how I wanted them done, Ashley is nice to talk to, listens to what you want and does an awesome job. I booked my next 3 appointments and I suggest you do the same!

  • Apr 12, 2015 by Kathryn L.

    I see Mags for all of my waxing needs and she is amazing! She is thorough, thoughtful and great at what she does. She makes you feel comfortable from the start. I've had some not so great waxing experiences previously, and I'm so thankful I found Mags.  I would highly, and only, recommend Mags at The Bladerunner!

  • Mar 23, 2015 by Lindsay K.

    I like that this is a very clean space and that I was able to get a last minute appointment in this popular salon in SLO, however I made a mistake.  I was not picky about who did my nails and I did not ask the price before starting my manicure and pedicure.  I had nail art done on only three nails and plain color on all other nails and I was charged $75!  I was even disappointed in the nail art that was done and thought the manicurist might let this be complimentary since it didn't look good and I thought she knew it, but no, it seems I was charged extra for the time it took her to redo the poor job that she had done in the first place.  From other reviews, it looks like most manicurists are good here, just make sure you go to someone that is recommended before paying so much.  I felt very ripped off and haven't gone any where to get my nails done in months to make up for the cost and disappointment from this instance.

  • Mar 17, 2015 by Hannah N.

    Megan is wonderful at color and and styling! I came in and showed Megan a picture of an ombré style that I loved. It was perfect whenever we were all done. I was so happy! And when Megan wasn't there Ashley was a great substitution! I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my hair cut or styled. I'm so happy I found this place. Everyone is very pleasant and accommodating. Thank you again, Megan and Ashley!

  • Mar 10, 2015 by Charlene W.

    MIHAI IS AMAZING! I was born and raised on The Central Coast, I would come to The Bladerunner cuz I loveed the way I looked and felt every time I left here. I moved away to Charleston SC 1 1/2 years ago and have not been able to find any where good to get my hair done, knowing I was coming to visit California I called Bladerunner and scheduled an appointment with Mihai to get a Balayage Ombre. He is such a pleasant gentleman I tryly enjoyed meeting him and what he did to my hair is far Greater than what I could ever imagine its like he took the image right out of my head and made it come to life. I Love It! I wish I could post a pic on here for everyone to see! Go See Mihai! Charlene

  • Feb 26, 2015 by Kristy a.

    I just want to thank Sarah Marshall for doing my hair extentions.  I called to make an appt and she talked to mean the phone to find out information on my hair.  She did an excellent job, and as a result I have made another appt when I come back to visit San Luis in April!

  • Jan 20, 2015 by Lalena D.

    I went to see Kiel at Bladerunner to fix a botched haircut that I had received over the weekend. Kiel is rad. Kiel is awesome. Kiel saved me from shaving my head in the bathroom just to start over.

  • Dec 03, 2014 by E. C.

    I got my hair cut by Mihai a couple weeks ago and I've been getting compliments on the cut ever since.  (I don't think I've ever received so many compliments on a cut before!)  I have an a-line bob and Mihai does a great job with it; my hair has great bounce and styles itself.  Go see Mihai!

  • Nov 23, 2014 by Sandra B.

    Mihai is absolutely awesome!!! I haven't cut my hair in almost 2 years and it grew really long. I've always liked it a bit shorter but had a bad experience. He cut it absolutely amazing! Plus he gave me awesome side bangs that I've always wanted. He also did my color too, a dark brown with a little red (: it's beautiful and I couldn't thank him enough. It's a big change, but he took his time and made sure it came out just right, had to give 5 stars. Thanks again!!

  • Nov 10, 2014 by Eleni M.

    Ive had my hair cut by 3 different stylists and colored once at The Bladerunner and all of them were really great! I have very thick and sort of curly hair, which looks terrible if someone cuts it poorly, but every stylist Ive worked with was very talented and listened to what I wanted.  The Bladerunner is especially great because you can always get an appointment within one or two days! I tend to call with very short notice or just walk in and they always find time for an appointment the same day or the next morning.   My most recent haircut was with Tuscon and she was great! I kept asking her to make my bangs a little shorter or a little more choppy, and she was very accommodating despite my pickiness. And she took her time to get the job done right!! And the price isn't bad for a real salon haircut.  Definitely worth the money. They also have good sales on products- last time I was there I got 2 OPI nail polishes on sale for $5 bucks each!

  • Sep 20, 2014 by Amanda C.

    I used to go to bladerunner when I lived in SLO (I grew up there, now in Bay area).  And they always did a great job.  So naturally I thought it would be ideal to use them for my wedding.  I was very thorough with my research, found someone on the website I thought could help me brainstorm for hair styles I liked. I went in for a hair trial (cost me $80).  And while she did an ok job, (I could have done the same on my own, at home, in half the time [and have!]), I was not impressed.  However, she seemed distracted and shared a pretty challenging day she was having.  I thought, well, since it was OK, I bet the real thing will be great.  A trial is really just a time for her to play with my hair and practice.  No biggie.  In retrospect, I should have cancelled the wedding hair with her.  That I take full responsibility for. SO then the day of the wedding, she still seems overwhelmed, a little absent minded.  My hair took so long.  And while it was beautiful, looked like "me", it was once again something I could have done at home in half the time.  It kind of put me late to the rest of  my morning.  The day of my wedding. So while I used to love Bladerunner, I doubt I will ever go back.   I justify 1 star because "Eek! methinks not." is more what I am feeling than "Eh I've seen better."  But I am probably in between.

  • Sep 10, 2014 by Carol B.

    I went to YESSIE for a pedicure. She was wonderful I was greeted with a warm smile She took time with every step and I felt so comfortable and not rushed. My pedicure looked perfect and lasted for a longer time than usual.

  • Aug 04, 2014 by Becky O.

    Let me just say i use to come here for waxing services and have tried one hair cut here about a year ago. I loved the waxes i use to get, but the individual i use to go to left to create her own salon in Avila and after trying the other two waxers that they had here a gave up and went to a different salon since their work took for ever and was poorly done. No clean up twizzing and no powder used to help with skin pulling. I had missed hairs everywhere and when i called to complained they offered to make another appointment the same day at charge. I just got it done no way am i doing it right over a wax. The haircut i got was ment to be just a trim, but aparently my hair is hard to manage because oif its length and thickness because they cut about 4inches off made my side swept bangs super short and thick. Let me just say i was not happy. I decided to give them a second chance this year no idea why. I booked a consultation for a body perm an trim. I recieved a phone call as soon as i booked for the trim and was informed it would cost $95 dollars! A trim should never cost that much i might as well get my money's worth and chop off all my hair. I cancelled that appointment. The perm consultation did not go much better. First I arrived early like i was told but ended up having to wait 15 minutes after my appointment time because the individual i was seeing was late. At the consultation I was informed it would be $250 and that they would do a spirl perm using purple rods. It seemed weird to me that they would use such small sized rods for a body perm so i got a second consultation else where my second opinion ws much better the questions were more indepth and they tested my hair to see if my hair could handle a perm. When i asked about if purple rods would be right to achieve what i want she said no way and showed me picture of what hair looks like at different lengths and permed by difference sizes, for my hair length and thickness it would be a frizzy mess that looks like taylor swifts old type not a body wave. I would suggest to try other salons before this one it is overprices and bad service.

  • Jul 22, 2014 by Alejandra F.

    Loveee my nails &&hair. I love Yessie she's done my beautiful hair and nails so many times. If you need cute nails and hair book her.  Shes a very talented girl. I have never been disappointed by her!!!!

  • Jul 18, 2014 by Lauren B.

    I got my hair done by Allan and he's phenomenal. I was in hair crisis. Purple & blonde w/ roots showing...split ends from being dyed too much. I needed a serious change. I had something in mind brought a picture in and he worked his magic! No joke, he have me a better haircut than the picture I brought in. He gets you and your hair direction without the need for over explanation. Damn, he's good. Did I mention a massage and he knows how to make a momma feel pampered. He takes the extra time & it's so worth it!

  • Jul 17, 2014 by Lisa B.

    I started going to Mihai.  I have been to him twice. My hair is breaking from previous highlights.  He is really knowledgeable.  Gave me some great tips to get my hair healthy again.  Plus it looks great and he listens to what you say! I recommended highly going to him for sure!  My husband also went to him and his hair came out great.

  • Jun 27, 2014 by Randa H.

    Exceeds all expectations, Caroline is an amazing hair artist, a warm lovely person and I look forward to seeing her. She goes above and beyond , immaculate and has very high ethics and takes your hair very seriously. She now does my hair , my sisters , mom, mother in law and my 8 year old daughter as well ! The salon is super neat , very nice service and I love the text reminders for the appt. I have been to many high end salons never found one half way close to Blade runner .

  • May 21, 2014 by Breanna C.

    I went in for a spray tan because I can't seem to get any color with tanning beds or the sun and that seemed like the easiest option. First I noticed that the staff there were really nice. It's a clean and well ran salon and expensive. The spray tan cost me $38 and I wasn't asked if I wanted a certain color (I've heard there's options like light color to a golden bronze). I went in the back and she was really sweet and had no problem with doing it quickly, it only took her about 15 minutes to completely spray me down. I was stoked about it being quick and easy. I paid and left her a small tip and left. It is the next day and I've followed all the precautions and post tan guidelines (wait a day to shower, use lotion, etc). I've noticed most of me is still the dark pretty bronze tan I wanted but my legs and arms are half tan and half my normal pale color in certain noticeable spots. Not too stoked. In the end I could have spent the $8 to get jergens sunless tanner and avoided having to go through all the trouble to get a spray tan. I would definitely go back there for other things just not a spray tan.

  • May 20, 2014 by J C.

    Mihai Pana has been doing my cut and color for a couple years now. I followed him to the Bladerunner in October 2013. I highly recommend him! I have told my friends about Mihai and now they see him and they love the work that he does! If you want a great cut and color... Ask for Mihai!

  • May 12, 2014 by Fawn M.

    I was trying to find a place that does really pretty nail art! You know the nail Art that you always see on pinterest. So I found this place on Yelp and searched for nail art. And I'm so happy to have found someone who is a true nail artist and loves what she does and that's none other than Yessie Ovalle!!!! This girl does Exactly what you want. I showed her a picture from what I wanted and my nails looked better than the picture. I was so pleased and you will be too!! I wont go to anyone else now! I've been telling all my friends and they are going to book an appointment with her. I've gotten so many compliments on them, and I'm going to get my toes done next by her, cant wait to see what she does. YOU have to try her she's the BEST in San Luis Obispo!!!

  • May 06, 2014 by Heather K.

    This is a beautiful salon with a great online appointment system where you can see availability and request appointments, I love that!!!!  The owners are great and the overall feel of the salon is very clean and professional.  If you are looking to make an  appointment at a local salon it certainly is convenient and easy to use the online system. Now for my stylist review ..... I needed some correcting done to single shaded un-toned highlights I had got a few days earlier so I asked to have the current ones broken up win a few shades. I made an appointment with Ashley Harrison based on her availability. She was professional but didn't offer any advice or personal opinion.  Some people prefer that but I  like to hear a professionals opinion. She did a fine job breaking up the color and toned all over in the bowl. I enjoyed the overall look except for a few bright sections that could have used a little more breaking up. Although she was nice enough I will probably go somewhere else to have the few sections low lighted and toned down. I am sure she would do it and I'm not against paying for corrections but I will look for someone a bit more personal and perhaps with a bit more perceived passion for the final product. Overall shes an experienced and professional stylist.

  • Apr 28, 2014 by Aaron Steed

    Been coming for years and love this place. They are a class-act, great staff and every single person takes pride in what they do. They also do alot in the community with such as donating their services to the models at the women's shelter fashion show. Great people, great for the community and great haircuts. Show them some love!

  • Apr 14, 2014 by Jordan W.

    They squeezed me in for a last minute gel manicure and it turned out great! Very helpful service and the woman who did my nails even gave me a service that cost a little less because I'm a college student. Definitely will be coming back

  • Mar 28, 2014 by Lissa W.

    Alan Scott. Bottom line. I went in last week. I had a gift card, and needed a color and trim desperately seeing as my wedding was 3 weeks away and my last stylist left me discolored and anxious. I called around 9am, and the woman who picked up was super easy to talk to, and set an appointment up for me at 1pm. That didn't work with my schedule, so she offered Alan to me at 10am. She warned he was a little pricier, seeing as how he's been in the business for decades and knows his stuff. I accepted regardless, figuring the gift card would cushion any financial blow. I showed up, and granted, Alan was about 15 min late. As soon as he got there, I was ushered back to his chair and he made me feel so welcome. Some stylists can be demeaning when looking at your hair, to kind of upstage whatever they're about to do. Alan was kind and listened to what I wanted, offered a solution to my root issue, and praised me for picking a cohesive blend and knowing what I wanted for my look. He got me water while I waited, and we chit chatted like old friends during the application. Aside from his personal demeanor and overall friendliness and warmth, he knew what he was doing! He talked about hair coloring like it was art, like he was totally invested in creating a personal masterpiece of my own. We washed my hair and he was upfront when he noticed my roots were a little hotter than he anticipated...bright red instead of the warmer tone we wanted. He offered to blow it out and fix it if I didn't like it. Didn't try to sugar coat or cover it up or say it's what it was supposed to look like. I ended up being okay with it. He offered me to come back in a. Few days if I changed my mind. He was so into how it came out, he gave me an awesome blow out and then brought me outside to take some pictures. Made me feel like a model. I'll be calling to go next week to do a final touch up before the big day, and have full faith he will be able to give me just what I want. And, he wasn't outrageously expensive either! For the quality, the pride, the flair, and the expertise, I'd have easily paid more.

  • Mar 25, 2014 by Yvette C.

    If you are looking for EXTENSIONS, CAROLINE is awesome! I've had extensions for a while and several different types, so I know what to expect and I thought I knew the ins and outs of it, but Caroline has taught me so much since I started seeing her in December. She will make you feel comfortable and work with you to achieve the look YOU want. I've run into a lot of ego when it comes to stylists that do extensions, but Caroline listens to what I say about what I feel is important for my own hair. She always makes sure I am happy in the end! I never have scheduling issues with her, she's always on time and when I am in need she accommodates me as much as she can. She is a true professional!! Most of all girls, she's AFFORDABLE!! She believes extensions should be attainable for consumers. She's not there to make money on product, but instead to build satisfied clientele. A theory that is lost on people today! To top it all off, she has a great personality and is always fun to visit with! I couldn't be happier with both my extensions and my experience, THANK YOU CAROLINE!!

  • Mar 21, 2014 by Ariana B.

    Today, I spent most of my afternoon at Blade Runner and enjoyed every minute of it! Another job well done to Alan who went above and beyond with my hair color. He is extremely talented, always fresh with ideas and is very passionate when it comes to hair. If your looking for a natural, beachy "sun kissed" hair color, he is your guy! In addition to hair color, Alan is great when it comes to hair cuts and styling. The salon itself has a great ambiance and wonderful service. Overall I have never been fully satisfied with my hair until now! A BIG thank you to Alan and will definitely be coming back.

  • Mar 19, 2014 by Kimmy G.

    My friend Silvia and I live bout 6 hours from each other.  We use to live closer, and on our days off we would have trophy wife days.  These are the days that we pretended we didn't have jobs and got manicures or something in the middle of the day.  Well we had a trophy wife San Luis Obispo edition and after lunching (you have to lunch) we got massages and pedicures here at Bladerunner Salon and Spa.  I loved my pedicure.  I do not remember the name of my nail tech, but she was friendly and did an excellent job.  She also does hair here too.   I also got a 90 minute deep tissue massage by a gentleman.  I get massages on a fairly consistent basis.  One thing I really liked was that he started his massage with the scalp massage.  This is such a great idea.  My hair wasn't greasy afterwards.  It was so smart.  Overall I left the massage feeling relaxed. There were a few things nit picky things that I noticed during my massage, but they are not significant enough to really point them out.   This is a really great option if you are looking for a place to come relax in SLO.  I would definitely come back if I am in the area again.

  • Mar 17, 2014 by K M.

    If in need of a fabulous pedicure, please see Yessie!!  After moving to SLO in the Fall, I was so thankful to find her.  She is thoughtful, professional, warm and very talented.  Enjoy!

  • Mar 10, 2014 by Scampi S.

    Went to bladerunner for the first time today not knowing what to expect. Nobody had recommended them to me I had simply noticed the store walking by it one day on my way home. I called this morning at 9:30 to make a reservation for a men's haircut and style, they got me in at 10:15, which was perfect for me. As soon as I walked in Nihai, the stylist who was going to help me guessed I was checking in for my appointment and I was immediately sat down in the shampooing chair. All in all I had a great experience. Very timely and Nihai gave me an awesome new hair cut I had never got before. I really like it. Definitely recommend anyone and everyone to at least try bladerunner salon and ask for Nihai.

  • Mar 07, 2014 by Yvonne L.

    The Best Stylist EVER!! just say one word "Caroline Whitney". After many many years of so-so, okay stylist , I finally found one that I can't live without, Caroline is the best Stylist I have every come across in the state of California. Not to mention the gracious,charming and compassionate person that listens to what you want and actually GETS IT then sculpts and creates her magic and then in a blink you've been Beautified  more that you could have ever imagined. Thank You Bladerunner , for finding this wonderfully talented stylist. She is just pure joy.. I'm hooked and  Caroline is now a permanent life must have on a monthly basis... Don't bother going to anywhere else, She it amazing and you will never fill more beautiful.. Caroline," Thank you's" are not enough for making us beautiful again. Love ya

  • Feb 27, 2014 by Briana B.

    Curly hair? Go to Alan Scott. I have curly hair and as anyone with curly hair knows, it can be a challenge finding someone who can work with it and make it look good.  I went into The Bladerunner Salon and asked if they had a stylist who knew how to cut curly hair well. They set me up with Alan Scott. I told him a very general idea of what I wanted (shape and length) and ended up with a haircut that I loved. My favorite part was his ability to tame my post-haircut frizz. Usually my previous stylists would just straighten my hair to deal with the frizz. Alan spent the time and product to rework the curls so I left the salon with my full volume and bounce. Easily one of the best haircuts I have had.

  • Feb 27, 2014 by Kitten H.

    Alan Scott is AMAZING, a true hair artist. I am rocking the best hair cut and color I have ever gotten!! Some background -  After getting the worst hair cut and color of my life* , I emailed the owner of the salon who got me an appointment with Alan. He took the uneven choppy cut and I swear, he actually made my hair LOOK longer, which is what i desperately wanted. He even out the fringe by my face too, and styling my hair at home is so much easier as it just falls into place perfectly. My color was an ugly brown with splotchy, botched, highlights, and he managed to turn it into natural looking color, with centerfold worthy tints of brown between rich and natural looking black color. I am SO HAPPY, I can't wait to go back! * Full disclaimer - the original horrid haircut and color i got was from a new gal at Bladerunner. I went home wanting to wear a hat, and immediately emailed a pic of the mess to the owner asking for a refund. He was super quick to respond, got me my refund, and had me come in to see his top stylist [Alan] to fix the mess for free. The way they handled this situation and the amazing hair I ended up with turned this review from a negative to 5 stars.

  • Feb 24, 2014 by Skyelar C.

    I called blade runner a few days ago  interested in making an appointment to fix a horrible "ombre" I had done a few months ago... I explained my situation to the receptionist and she set me up for a consult with Alan Scott. That was the first plus never having gone to a salon that cared enough to schedule a consult first... But I was still nervous having only had average at best salon experiences in the past... Alan immediately made me feel comfortable his knowledge and experience of doing hair was Visible right away. He got me in the very next day for an appointment! It's safe to say it's the best my hair has looked his techniques and the amount of time and effort he put into my hair was unbelievable. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. If your looking for someone to really care about your hair and know what they are talking about go see alan at bladerunner I promise you won't be  disappointed!

  • Feb 22, 2014 by angela perry

    I get my nails done By Ashley and I think she's perfection! The salon is nice and everyone if friendly! I haven't had any other services but Ashley gets 2 thumbs up!

  • Feb 22, 2014 by Emma D.

    I went to Bladerunner for the first time a couple days ago. I really needed a trim and usually I like to wait until a school break so I can go home and get a cut from my usual haircutter, but my hair was getting pretty bad so I decided to make an appointment. My haircut was with Ryan, who is extremely friendly and funny. He listened to my requests and gave me a really great cut that was still in the style I had it previously, but did a little more layering. I am so happy with the outcome. It cost me 60 bucks including a $10 tip. He shampooed and conditioned my hair and put some products in it, cut it, and then styled it, without me requesting anything besides a trim. He said to come in about three weeks from that day to get a free bang trim. So, overall, $60 is a fair price for the atmosphere, skill, and treatment that I got. I would highly recommend.

  • Feb 13, 2014 by Ashley J.

    Tracy Hall works magic. In the past year that she's been my wonderful hair stylist she's turned me from a red head to a blonde (an back again!) for my wedding and then chopped it all off into the most adorable pixie cut when all was said and done! She is sweet and caring (we all need a hair stylist who is part therapist, right?) and knows exactly what she's doing. My favorite part about her? She's never afraid of a challenge. I am a Bladerunner fan for life all thanks to Tracy!

  • Feb 08, 2014 by Kate B.

    I was at Bladerunner months ago, but after e-mailing the management specifically asking to be removed from their mailing list and providing feedback, I am still receiving weekly e-mails.  The perpetual e-mails have reminded me of my poor experience here, and I think it's worth sharing. I had come in for a microdermabrasion facial, and booked online.  Upon arrival, I asked for change for the meter, and was given change, without being told there was actually a free parking option.  I returned to be told, "Jenn W will be with you soon". and so I waited, and waited, and waited, about 20 minutes before the aesthetician finally showed up.  When she did, she didn't apologize for the delay, and didn't ask me any questions about my history(skin allergies, sensitivities, or why I was there), before she started the procedure.  The WORST part, was when she discovered that I have a career in medicine, she started asking me what my thoughts were on her back pain, how I would treat her, and what she should do about her insurance issues.  I tried to redirect her with questions about the procedure, which went like this: me: "Oh, what is the material on the end of the microdermabrasion handle?" her: "Some plastic thingy.  So, if I came into your medical office, do you think you would like write me a prescription for steroids, or what?  And what would that cost?" me: "You should probably see your doctor about that. so what are you doing now?" her: "This is just a cream. so what are the side affects of oral steroids?". completely, and totally inappropriate.  She was also drinking water while performing my facial and would leave intermittently without explanation.   At the end of the procedure, she escorted me back to the lobby, and no one bothered to say, "Thank you for coming in", let alone, "how was your experience?".  I literally paid(way over a hundred bucks) and walked out the door and it was like I had really annoyed everyone there. It was really awful! I don't get the hype, and they have certainly lost my business.

  • Jan 25, 2014 by Brittney H.

    I've been getting my hair cut by Aaron for two years now. I always get complements on the cut, everyone always asks who my stylist is! I like Aaron because he isn't afraid to take what you say and want and make it happen. He does a nice job on making sure I get the cut I want and that it compliments my facial structure!!! I will continue to go to Aaron as long as he works there I highly recommend him not to mention he charges Reasonable prices, I usually get over charged due to my thick long hair stylist don't like to deal with it so usually I'm charged more. Kudos to Aaron for keeping it real and reasonable

  • Jan 11, 2014 by Kelsey S.

    If you want fantastic looking nails, go to The Bladerunner and ask for Yessie. I've been in to see Yessie twice now and she is amazing!! Each time I've gotten a gel manicure and I'm completely hooked now, I will definitely be one of her regulars. She does a loyalty program for her clients, every 5th time you see her you get $5 off and every 10th time is $10 off! I can never make up my mind for what I want and each time I've been in, she has somehow been able to give me exactly what I wanted. She collaborates with you to give you the style that you're looking for. I wear my nails very short and often have a hard time even getting manicurists to bother shaping and cutting them how I like. Yessie did both and made sure I was happy with how they were before she moved on to the gels. I can only imagine how many people manicurists see on a daily and weekly basis and Yessie was able to recall our conversation and ask me about myself from the previous time. I'm always impressed when somebody takes the extra step to befriend their clients. Go treat yo self and see Yessie, you totally deserve it :)

  • Jan 06, 2014 by Cheryl H.

    Cristel Wilson has been doing my hair for years and does an amazing job. I've seen her expertise on all types of hair and her color and cut techniques are amazing. I'd highly recommend her. I've also had amazing massages here from both Mike & Paula. These two give wonderful therapeutic & deep-tissue massage. The ultimate in relaxation and stress-relief. Aimee does a great job with gel, natural and acrylic nails. I've had both manicures and pedicures by her and would highly recommend her services as I've introduced her to various friends and family members. This salon/spa is the one place here in SLO that you can get pampered and relax and Todd has a great business that I would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Dec 23, 2013 by Kelli J.

    I have red hair and I'm extremely picky with who I'll let touch it. I thought I would give them a try and wasn't disappointed. I got paired up with Alan a few weeks ago for a color and it was perfect! I loved my color so much I figured I could trust him with a cut and once again he did wonders!

  • Dec 21, 2013 by Meredith H.

    Hi there.. I never do Yelp reviews, but I really wanted to post this.   I HIGHLY recommend Yessie at Blade Runner. I'm a Cal Poly student, been here for three years, and I've been to four different salons here in SLO, and each time I couldn't find that "perfect cut" so I would try another salon or stylist. I have thick, curly hair and its really easy to mess it up. She is the first stylist that I've continuously gone to in three years. I've been to Yessie three times already,  Here's why she is the BEST: 1) First and foremost, does an amazing hair cut. 2) Listens to what I want for the cut, and gives great suggestions. 3) Very professional and easy to talk to. 4) Perfectionist, I always feel like she pays attention to the small details and makes sure everything looks fantastic before I leave. 5) Every time I go back for a cut or a bang trim, I know it's going to look good. 6) Always takes the time to show me how to style my hair or bangs (I have a really annoying cow lick in my bangs and she has really shown me how to work with it!). When I went back home to get a Keratin treatment (which I just found out she is certified to do also!) my hair stylist from home literally said "WOW, who did your hair? The layers and bangs are perfect." Not exaggerating. Yessie is an amazing stylist and I'm so happy I FINALLY found the perfect hair cut in SLO.

  • Dec 10, 2013 by Brianna C.

    This review is for Lainie! I was looking for someone new to do my hair here in SLO but I didn't know where to go. I talked to a few friends and they recommended that I try out Lainie at Bladerunner and I am so glad that I did!!! The salon was chic, bright and comfortable and I was offered tea water or coffee when I arrived. Lainie brought me to a chair and had a consultation with me teething as much detail as possible about what I was looking for. I judge a stylist by their ability to determine what colors and cut best suits my skin tone and face shape and Lainie delivered above and beyond! She showed me some color swatches and explained what she planned to do making sure I was comfortable with the idea. Conversation flowed easily and she worked quickly without mistakes. By the end of my cut and color I felt completely confident and know I will be returning again! Thanks Lainie for the awesome job!!! :)

  • Dec 09, 2013 by Katie T.

    ALAN SCOTT: HAIR GENIUS. PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan, Alan, Alan!!!!! He is not a hair stylist, he is a hair artist, a hair genius. Cut, color, whatever you need - GO SEE ALAN! His work is worth every penny. You will never need or want another person to touch your hair again. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to hair. I learned that the hard way a long time ago. And now I splurge a little to get the luscious locks that I deserve. I found Alan (a friend recommended him) after I had a horrible highlights-gone-wrong catastrophe. He SAVED my hair. He knew exactly what to do and it turned out better than I had originally imagined. Using what was a disaster as his canvass, he whipped up a work of art, seriously. Alan has a wealth of experience to draw from. His resume includes Hollywood insider, celebrity stylist, 35 years of experience, and a passion for hair. Ask him about it and you're guaranteed great conversation. I got a shampoo, a great head massage, and a seriously professional blowout in addition to the color. On top of all that he knows the meaning of loyalty. If you take care of him, he will continue to take care of you.....and your hair! You won't be disappointed. I've been getting so many compliments on my highlights from people that I didn't tell about the previous disaster, just random compliments. (Added 5 days later). As for the salon, it's hip, great selection of quality products, fun atmosphere, friendly people. It's a very trendy place in the heart of downtown SLO. If you park in one of the two parking structures a block from the salon, they give you parking tokens - so cool! And they offer spa services like manicures, pedicures, massage, facials, and more. It's a one stop shop. Check them out!

  • Dec 08, 2013 by Elizabeth N.

    Watch out San Luis....Hair sculptor Alan Scott is bringing a bit of Hollywood to SLO! Amazed that I could even get a same-day appt., I was beyond thrilled to have Alan do my cut and color. NO worries here; this Venice Beach stylist/ex pro skater/surf enthusiast is a true artist. He assessed my hair type and color and I instantly knew I was in good hands. Such a relief to sit back, relax and just let a professional work their magic. My only problem was deciding where to go to dinner with a blow out so good it could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Get in line now, this guy's going to book up fast!

  • Nov 16, 2013 by Jessica P.

    Today was my first time to Bladerunner. Alan cut and styled my hair. His company and skill were both amazing! He did exactly what I asked for while educating me on how and why he was doing what he was doing. Very good experience. Will definitely be going back to Alan.

  • Nov 15, 2013 by Becky R.

    Todd, the owner, was engaging, hospitable, and so knowledgeable. These guys are smart, and know the best product inside and out. Blowout, cut.

  • Nov 12, 2013 by Carol T.

    Wow ! Alan is fantastic.  A true artist and wonderful human being.  I had my hair colored and cut.  He did a great job.  I enjoyed the conversation as well.  I will definitely go back to him repeatedly.  He is worth every dime and more.  A true gem of a stylist.  If you go to him, ask to see his artwork.  It's phenomenal.

  • Nov 09, 2013 by Ellen D.

    I highly recommend Alan Scott at Bladerunner.  I had gotten my hair cut at a discount hair place and they butchered it.  I tried to even it out myself and made it even worse.  When I woke up this morning I knew I needed to bring in a professional immediately.  I called Bladerunner first thing, told them the situation, and they hooked me up with Alan.  He did an amazing job.  He took what was solidly the worst haircut I ever had, with big uneven chunks, and turned it into one of the very best.  I thought he might need to cut it short to make it look OK, but he worked his magic, kept my length, and my hair looks amazing.  He was friendly, listened to my concerns, and I walked out feeling glamorous.  Both cut and style were awesome.  The salon itself is very nice, and was buzzing on a Saturday morning, without being loud or feeling crowded.  I have found my new stylist.

  • Oct 05, 2013 by cecy a.

    I was in SLO for a wedding and in desperate need of a manicure and pedicure...Bladerunner Salon to the rescue! The receptionist Julianna is very sweet and accommodating. She assured me that we could work it out, "Walkins" are truly welcome.  I decided that I should get my hair styled while I was here, a one stop shop.  I started off with Yessie for a manicure and pedicure.  I told her that I was in a bind and she gave me some options to get me out of here faster, yes, please and thank you! Communication truly is key! Yessie did an amazing job on my nails and she was so sweet! I definitely recommend her.  If I could give her 6 stars I would :)

  • Sep 30, 2013 by Lillian O.

    After 10-long years I went in for a facial and was lucky enough to book my appointment with Dawn Johnson and what a fantastic and relaxing experience.  Dawn is very professional and knowledgeable in her field and made me feel like a million dollars worth, absolutely will be coming back every month :) Dawn. thank you!!

  • Sep 23, 2013 by Mary W.

    Thanks to the girls at Blade Runner...Bree, Mia, Mags and daughter's wedding day was "picture perfect"!  They were so accommodating with our morning wedding, patient, professional and above all so talented!  I would highly recommend them for your wedding needs.

  • Jun 18, 2013 by Roxana L.

    Ashley Brett to the rescue!! After trying 3 local nail salons, each with their own bad endings, I came to Ashley for a nail rescue. She was patient in listening to my nail "story" and interested in how best to handle my problem nails. For the past few years they have had a splitting problem, which is what led me to seek professional help in the salons.  Ashley explained to me all of the various wraps and nail treatments, while she worked on giving my existing acrylics a much needed rescue. They needed a fill, of course, but it turns out that in addition to being misshapen they had not been applied correctly and were lifting. She worked her magic and saved and totally reshaped the nails. We added a luscious red gel polish, and I left the salon happy with my nails -- at last!   Ashley told me that nail design is her passion. She loves her job, and she loves helping her clients. She took the time to explain a lot to me, including why the Vietnamese run salons are less expensive. The quality of the products used, and the care with which they are applied can make the difference not only in how happy the client is with the end result, but reduces the likelihood of infection. I am so happy that I found Ashley, thanks to other Yelp reviews. The difference in cost is not that much, and more than worth it. I can't wait til my next appointment. :-)

  • Jun 18, 2013 by Let Us Feast G.

    I love coming here. Lorily is a great stylist and great person! The only person that I have found that can French braid in corn roll style in SLO! (The only good one) everybody here is really friendly and remembers names and faces. It's been awhile but I will def b back.

  • Jun 12, 2013 by Hallie E.

    I literally just opened up a Yelp! account to give this place a great review... I really want to give special props to Ben, who was so sweet and a very talented stylist.  I will definitely be going back again!  Thank you, Bladerunner and thank you to Ben!

  • Jun 08, 2013 by Jessica A.

    Got here for an appointment 4 minutes late and was told they couldn't do the full pedicure...was completely shocked and told them I wanted my gift card money back and they flat out refused. I spoke to the manager who was a complete moron and said they couldn't do anything for me. If you want to be treated well...don't go here. I have never been so disrespected in my life from anyone in a salon. Horrible place!!!

  • Mar 26, 2013 by Andrea D.

    I was too afraid to get my hair done when I moved to SLO 3 years ago, but having found Megan at the Bladerunner, all of my worries are gone! I have been going to her regularly for the past year and she has always cut and colored my hair exactly how I want it. And I love that when I can't think of anything new to do to my hair, she always has amazing ideas that come out great. I am Chinese-American so I do have slightly thick, long dark wavy hair that can get poofy if not taken care of correctly. Luckily, Megan knows exactly how to layer my hair to get it just right! And we have done my hair ombré about 4 times now and each time the color just keeps getting better and better. Before I came to Megan, I had a different stylist back in LA do my hair ombré and it came out pretty choppy and more like highlights - not really what I was looking for. But now, Megan has done my hair brown/blonde ombré, dark brown/brown ombré, and now dark red/red ombré which I absolutely LOVE!!!! Megan is young, caring and super sweet. She will take the time to listen to your needs and answer any questions you have! I also love that this salon isn't super overpriced - I feel like I'm paying exactly what I should be, unlike back in LA where every haircut I got was upwards of $200. Thank you Megan and Bladerunner Salon!!

  • Mar 06, 2013 by Nikki S.

    I am a licensed manicurist and have been on the hunt for someone to do my pedicures for a couple years. Ashley Brett has made my toes Very happy. I like to get a gel polish pedicure and sometimes with glitter. She is very talented and I enjoy her happy personality. I am so glad the search is over :)

  • Feb 23, 2013 by Ashleigh B.

    Got my hair done by Ashley yesterday and she is fantastic! Love my color and cut! I'll be back again in 6 weeks!

  • Jan 14, 2013 by Lani P.

    So since I was on vacay visiting my best/long time old friends we figure checkout the spa's in the area.  My bestie's gone to this place before and wanted to get my opinion of it , to see how I like it.  Aside from food my other indulgence is spa treatments.  She set up my appt and I went yesterday to have a detox cleansing and she had one right after myself.  I  liked the place and it's similar to the day spa's I frequent, aside from the main attraction being the salon when you first enter.  To the left side is the where the spa treatments are done and it's very dim and mellow like an actual spa, which is what I'm use too.  We were greeted very nice and my girlfriend new Melissa who was very welcoming and not snobby, how I've experienced in some places.  My facial was done by Nora who was very nice and personable.  She asked what I wanted to focus on with my facial and did exactly that.  It was relaxing and very nice, which is always a plus when getting spa treatments.  The prices here are also normal and affordable.  I know SLO is said to be pricey, so I expected higher prices than Denver & Vegas, but nope it was about the same. I was expecting Hawaii prices, but thanks the gods it wasn't crazy like   I am looking forward to trying there Vitamin C facial the next time, since I like to get atleast some kind of spa treatments when I'm on vacay and it's always fun doing it with friends and my daughters.  I'm a firm believer in stress releasing and pampering yourself, especially if you have an overbearing somewhat annoying spouse like I do.  LOL joking, but it does help with relationships and having your stress melt away so you don't take it out on your other half.   Deep Cleansing - 75$ Microderm. my friend had- 75$ I wanted to try some other things, but when I don't really know a place, I'm more comfortable feeling it out before getting a spa package. When I visit again probably in 6 months I will def. be visiting this place again.. I did love how sheik the place was and the restrooms smelt nice like aromatherapy and was like a nice dressing area quality to it.

  • Jan 04, 2013 by J S.

    Such a wonderful, tranquil, relaxing space.  Yet not intimidating. David Stewart rocks.  Nuff said.

  • Dec 18, 2012 by Pari S.

    I LOVE getting manicures and pedicures by Ashley Brett at Bladrunner salon.  She is professional, talented and very welcoming.  The salon atmosphere is very relaxing and inviting.  I really feel spoiled during my appointments.

  • Nov 19, 2012 by Sheila M.

    I had a great time with Ashley as she did my nails! She was great to talk to and cut my nails very well. Unfortunately I noticed some minor chipping the following day. Probably the fault of the polish and not of Ashley's. Schedule your appointment today!

  • Nov 08, 2012 by Julie W.

    BEST salon ever! I saw a woman with a hairstyle i really wanted and she told me to go to The Bladerunner salon and see Caroline! So, I did!! She was so amazing & so sweet and was a magician with me hair.. love her!! Can't wait to go back!!!

  • Oct 02, 2012 by Joy W.

    Jennifer Willis had all the aspects of a great esthetician! Facial treatments, micro, amazing waxing & she's help keep the youthful glow that I love. She shapes my eyebrow perfectly. Treat yourself

  • Sep 11, 2012 by Annette HipHopChef Adams a.

    I got a not so great haircut at bladerunner and yelped about it...I thought maybe I was not supporting local businesses by posting on yelp so I came to take it down but it is not here...interesting...

  • Sep 07, 2012 by Kayla S.

    I am very disappointed with the full bikini wax I had done here. Jennifer did my wax and was doing everything as if I was in a big hurry! It felt like she was just sloppily putting the wax on me, which was way too hot for that area, and didn't give me any warning what so ever. She just started pulling away without any heads up of what was about to come next and she was going so fast it seemed as though she did not have a lot of experience. She used two different waxes and the second one was a hard wax that hurt like hell when she pulled off because it just sits on your skin to cool off for a few seconds. She kept saying that she was going to get me out of there real fast but what I wanted was a Quality Wax, I didn't mind how long it would take to do a good job. She didn't even take the time or even look to see the spots that she had missed or even bothered to pick up the tweezers like a real esthetician who cares about his or her work would. She missed a few majors areas and I might as well have done the job myself. I paid $55 for a wax that i don't feel was worth it. I will not go back to Bladerunner for any sort of treatment.

  • Aug 19, 2012 by Mia P.

    I had my hair cut by Caroline. Probably one of the best cuts I've ever had. I showed her what I had in mind and she explained to me what the daily upkeep would be. She also explained to me how to style it like she did. I absolutely love the results. I'll definitely be going back to her in the future!

  • Jul 11, 2012 by Abby N.

    I have gone twice for a bikini wax. The first time I had Nora. She was great. Very nice and talkative which helped take your mind off the pain of waxing. she was good at making it clean and even went back with tweezers which shows she cares about her quality in her service. I would definitely go back to her. She's sweet. The second time I had Jen I believe, just as nice and good as Nora. However, she was faster at the job but still left a good job. I recommend both. And it is the cheapest i have paid for a bikini wax in SLO.

  • Jul 03, 2012 by David E.

    The Bladerunner is a nice salon with a pleasant zen-ness to it, but I appreciate that it's not so over-the-top "chic-chic" that it scares the guys away. But this review is about Lainie Griswold. I've been going to Lainie for mens haircuts for a while now and I have to say that she's pretty awesome. She's super nice, with a knack for striking just the right amount of conversation to make you feel at ease without it feeling forced. With regards to hair, Lainie really listens to what the customer wants, while also willing to give her candid opinion when asked. She's also pretty easygoing about redoing or fixing things if things aren't quite to your satisfaction, such as going shorter after she already did half your head with shears. Overall, I've never had a bad cut from Lainie. She's even fixed one or two bad ones. I'd definitely recommend Lainie for guys' haircuts.

  • Mar 28, 2012 by Lisa H.

    Tai is great, ask for him.  Got the Keratin smoothing treatment, cut and color all for less than $250.  Looks amazing!

  • Jan 11, 2012 by Christina D.

    This review is all About lainie! A bad haircut can make a girl cry! It's happened to me before at another salon.  But the only tears I'll shed after a cut with this superstar are tears of joy!!! I was visiting SLO on vacation and was in dire need of a haircut. I booked an appointment at another salon but when I drove by the building, it looked dilapidated and out of date...the kind of hair salon that if stepped into it, I'd walk out with a 1980's inspired perm and cut. my boyfriend then recommended bladerunner salon for a haircut. He had class all day so I went downtown for some relaxation! I have never paid for a "fancy" haircut before. I typically go to the Paul Mitchell academy or wait for a groupon! After working with lainie, don't think I can get my hair cut anywhere else ! I saw this cute lady standing there smiling and ready to shake my hand. Her great style and cute hair already made me feel comfortable. I hadn't cut my hair in a year and a Half so my hair was dull, splitting, and way too thick. I sat in the chair and told her to do whatever she liked as long as it was something different and she thinned out my hair. A few jokes and a consult later, I was ready to begin my journey with her. The shamnpoo and massage was heavenly. My eyes rolled back in relaxation and I had to catch myself for fear that she would think I was a total creep! After the shampoo she wrapped my head up in the towel really gently, explaining that she didn't want me to drip or Get wet on my way to the chair. That attention to detail and thoughtfulness was just the beginning of the amazing customer service I would receive from lainie. She was kind enough to explain why she was parting my hair a certain way or why she would blow dry before cutting certain parts. The conversation flowed and I felt like i had known her for years. She made me feel  important and  didnt rush me. I even felt comfortable enough to give my input on my cut too ! I walked out with what my boyfriend called, "a fierce haircut" (straight across bangs, gorgeous layers, bulk taken out of my hair, and no split ends in sight) ! She was knowledable about all the hair trends, what would work with my face shape, everyday styling tips, and hair products. I even asked her about what products would work to prevent my hair from being dry and static-y, and she delivered ! I walked around downtown SLO for two hours and my hair didn't dry up so I walked straight back to the salon to purchase the oil she used in my hair. I will ALWAYS want to come back to her for my hair needs. Im only in SLO a few times a  year but whenever i  need a cut, i will always plan a trip down to see lainie! I love her and she is such an asset to the salon. The salon is clean and the staff seemed happy too! I forgot an American apparel bow there and when I returned to buy some product, they remembered me and gave me my hair bow back! That's customer service !

  • Dec 28, 2011 by Chelsea S.

    After years of going to the same salon downtown, and never being fully satisfied with my haircut (even though I LOVED my hair stylist), when that salon closed, I went to Bladerunner. Jose has been cutting my hair for...well, I don't even know. At least three years, if not more. After continuously being not completely satisfied with my former stylist, and never feeling like my haircut suited my hair type or needs (fine hair, but there's a lot of it--and I don't really style it), Jose gave me a very reasonably priced haircut that looks good even when I dry it by having the windows in my car down. I'm really bad at maintaining my hair, and usually come in three times a year MAX and by that time, all the layers have grown out, my ends are splitting, and it's generally a hot mess. Jose realized this after awhile, and has since started insisting that I make my next appointment while I'm still standing in the salon instead of relying on "oh damn it, my ends are completely shattered, and it's been ten months since my last haircut,". While this might not work for some people, it's perfect for me. He's very good at listening to what you want, but c'mon, I don't know hair. When I tell him, "I think I'd like a side fringe that goes to," he'll give me what I ask for, but better. I have no idea how to articulate what kind of haircut will look good with my face, but Jose always figures it out. Another great thing--since I have this really bad habit of waiting too long between haircuts and trying to grow my hair out improperly, my ends are mangled and frazzled by the time I make my way to Bladerunner. Magically, Jose can manage to take off three inches while only making my hair look marginally shorter. How does he do that? I went in last week hoping I'd only need a trim--nope, he said my hair was basically cutting itself because the ends were so damaged. Off goes about 3.5 inches of hair. Do I miss it? Nope, because my hair has volume and body again! The lower half of my hair naturally curls, and with this cut and very, very little finagling, the lower half curls PERFECTLY. Incredible. He's very efficient, but never rushes. I usually walk out the door pageant style curls, which he assures me will loosen and look better, and an hour later I'm left with shiny, frizz-less beachy waves that literally last for three days. Incredible.

  • Oct 20, 2011 by Jenee H.

    So, I've gotten my legs waxed at other places now. And I have to say, it seems I just have very, VERY stubborn leg hair. Nora did the best job of any of the people I've gone to, and the bikini wax I got from her was unequivocally the best I've ever gotten. Also, I called (like I said I was going to), and Nora got back to me, telling me to come back in, and she'd see what we could do to fix it. Honestly, I'm sorry I left a bad review to start with. Nora's technique was amazing, and her customer service was above and beyond necessary. Next time I need a bikini wax, I'm going to her.  (I've given up on waxing my legs :P )

  • Sep 18, 2011 by Erica J.

    I had such a great time here!  Going in to do some pampering and prepping before a weekend away, I got a mani/pedi from Sandy, and a haircut from Sarah. These ladies rock!  I was so spoiled by them, and they did a fantastic job. Sandy's work was great, my gel nails still look good after 2 weeks, and I get compliments all the time on my hair. Thank you so much!

  • Aug 16, 2011 by Amber S.

    I found Lorily on Yelp and what a treasure!  She made sure that she truly understood what I was looking for and was clear with what her goal/vision was for me, too ~ fabulous, gorgeous hair!  Her attention to detail, kind spirit, and amazing washout/head & neck massage were such a treat after several disappointing hair experiences in the past year and a half.  My haircut and lowlights (she did a process called a color melt) are exactly what was I was hoping for ~ Lorily exudes love and beauty and my hair reflects that :) And Congrats to Bladerunner for winning the Best of SLO Reader's Poll, too!

  • Jul 31, 2011 by Lottie W.

    Just had a manicure and pedicure from Sandy.  I feel like I just got back from a week's vacation!

  • Jul 13, 2011 by Hayley T.

    Jose is magical with the hair color. He makes it look as if this blonde hair actually grows right out of my head! I recommend Bladerunner to all my new clients who move to town, and everybody agrees... Bladerunner is the best salon in SLO!

  • Jul 06, 2011 by Amy A.

    5 stars for Lorily!  She is the sweetest, sassiest, best hair stylist I've ever had!  I won't be going to anyone but her from now on.  I wish the prices were a little cheaper, but when it comes to hair, you really do get what you pay for.   Make an appointment and ask for Lorily.  She will really listen to what you want, ask questions about your hair throughout, look at pictures, and really discuss your haircut before she begins.  Also, she'll talk about boys!!!  Getting a haircut with Lorily is one of those empowering, womenly, estrogen-filled experiences.

  • Feb 28, 2011 by K W.

    I'm not sure if I would have chosen Bladerunner had I not met my new stylist, Lorily. She is fantastic. I recently decided it was time to find a stylist in town (I have one in LA that I really adore), and she was exactly what I was looking for. She understood my ideas and executed beautifully. And besides being skilled, she has a glowing personality that makes you feel welcome in her chair, truly! The salon: sure it's pretty nice and has a cool semi-urban vibe, along with a good selection of products. But I can't help but sense some unnecessary pretentiousness from the numerous people who seem to work at the front desk. I understand the desire to present an upscale image, but luxury doesn't have to equate to unpleasant attitudes. A genuine greeting and a smile goes a long way.

  • Feb 06, 2011 by D C.

    I went in to get my dark roots touched up, since I've been dying my hair blonde for the last few months. I told her I wanted just blonde and light brown highlights so my roots just look like the rest of my hair. She wound up turning it an orange/gold color, and I was not happy. The color looked weird, and was super un-natural looking. Plus, I told her I wanted just 1 inch cut off and she wound up cutting around 3 inches. The one good thing was that she wound up fixing my highlights for free a week later and gave me a coupon for a free haircut if I decide to come back. My friend told me that she also had a bad experience there with the lady cutting her bangs way too short. I'm sure there are good stylists in this salon, but I'd say that if a stylist is free the next day or the next week, then you should find a stylist who has a wait of about 1 month for an appointment. That proves she/he is popular and people keep coming back as well as telling other people about them.

  • Feb 01, 2011 by Jennifer R.

    I live in the central valley, and I always travel to SLO to get my hair done by Aaron. He does amazing things with my long red hair, and I've always been satisfied. I won't let anyone but Aaron touch my hair, especially after some bad hair experiences. He always does what I ask, and makes some suggestions that have always worked out. I'm definitely going to continue to make that 3 hour drive.

  • Jan 19, 2011 by Lisa M.

    My first time at Bladerunner was for Halloween 2010. It was a perfect afternoon where I took two midterms before noon and then hopped on the bus from Cal Poly to Downtown and walked in for a pedicure. I was taken after a short wait and had the best time! My manicurist introduced herself and was really nice, she offered me a drink of my choice before seating me on a love seat, positioned over a sink for my pedicure. At first I was excited for the drink, but then I saw the couch and sink -and was blown away! =D I got a deep red, for my Wonder Woman costume and it was fun talking to the manicurist about it. She didn't over chat either, and let me relax and enjoy the quiet afternoon of the salon. It was an experience I had been saving up for and was a perfect ending to my trying day. My second visit was just this weekend on 1/16/11 when I got my first fill for acrylic nails. Aimee Ginsberg was phenomenal! She completely revamped my nails and understood exactly what I meant by "natural." Her experience showed within her diligence and utmost care taken in her job. I highly recommend Aimee as your next nail technician, she made my first fill a great experience!

  • Dec 21, 2010 by Lily P.

    I'm in love. Jon is incredible. I hate having my hair cut and Jon manage to assuage my fears. He also does my color and I really couldn't be happier. My one complaint is the disturbing painting above the shampoo bowls..Its the one thing that mars an overall perfect experience.

  • Oct 14, 2010 by KristaK

    Caroline did Keritan Protein Copolla treatment on my hair. My hair was literally falling out! She also broke my hair and didn't even tell me! She didn't seem to care at all and was offended. She said it wasn't the Copolla. Well, it…

  • Sep 02, 2010 by Sherianne515

    I had my bridal hair and make up with Brianna. The consultation went well, but when I came on the day of the wedding she was 20 minutes late...Not good. The hair and make up ended up taking a little longer than it had on consultation day.…

  • Aug 09, 2010 by tklemay

    I just wanted to say that I'm the luckiest business owner alive! I have an amazing staff of over 40 professionals and I receive accolades daily from our customers and clients raving about the incredible level of customer service and how happy they are with their Hairstylist, Manicurist, Massage Therapist, Makeup Artist, and our Polite and Friendly front desk Spa Coordinators! If you haven't been in to 'The Bladerunner Salon' Or our award winning 'The Spa @ The Bladerunner' you will be amazed. Please stop by for a tour anytime we are open 7 days for your convenience. Or call 805-541-5131 or visit us online @ for a complete online brochure. See you @ The Bladerunner :-)

  • Jul 22, 2010 by Kat H.

    This visit to Bladerunner was as good as the last one. Amy gave me a great pedicure as usual--50 minutes for $40. I love it! The salon was packed this time so it wasn't as quiet or peaceful but that was okay. After my pedi, I went in to the relaxing spa area for my express facial. My bf was still in his massage so I had to spend some time doing SOMEthing. :) Very relaxing and my face was glowing after Jennifer did her magic. Thanks, Todd, for making such a great place.

  • Jul 17, 2010 by Amy V.

    Although I love getting facial at this salon, I just got my hair colored there and I am very unsatisfied with the outcome and the price I had to pay to basically have a stylist F up my hair. The stylist performed what is called a "french fluff," a technique I think he made up himself in order to lighten up the ends to match my blonder roots. Now my hair is half brown half blonde on the same strands! Eeek. When I nicely asked him to fix it he hesitated, then finally agreed to take a look at it. He ended up double booking over my appointment, so in the middle of our meeting, the receptionist came up to tell him the other customer was waiting. Kind of rude. Then he told me he couldn't do a thing to it because he was afraid my hair would fall he ended up giving me three tiny tubes of conditioner and told me to come back in 6 weeks. YEAH RIGHT. He charged me $175 for a bad color job and a weird, choppy haircut. He also thought Utah and California share the same border. I don't think this "stylist" should be doing anything but working at Mc Donalds. I am never going to him again or that salon again!!!! STAY AWAY.

  • Jun 16, 2010 by Justin S.

    The people are the best here. Everyone is so nice and fun. Got my hair cut at a good price and they have everything you need. Its in a good spot to walk around downtown.

  • Apr 12, 2010 by Dy H.

    My family has followed Tracy Hall for the last nine years. She moved to the Bluderunner about a year ago. I have a color and cut, my husband and son have a cut. We all go together and are there for about three hours. The location is great. The boys walk around downtown until I call them for their turn in the chair. Everyone is very professional and friendly. We always receive terrific service. Tracy is a great colorist and stylist. She takes walk-ins. Give her a try when you are in SLO.

  • Dec 04, 2009 by Staci A.

    I needed someone to do my hair last minute for my wedding in September. I had went to another girl in Paso Robles and she tried many times to get my hair the way I wanted but the girl just couldn't do it right. In desperation to find someone on such a short notice, I called Bladerunner's and they recommended Tasha. She was wonderfull!! I wasn't able to have a trial hair appt with her because I was coming from outside the state. She did my hair exactly how I wanted, and honestly besides my hair was my second favorite thing! She just moved here from Hawaii and she has been doing wedding up-do's for many years!!! If you are ever in need of someone to do your hair for a wedding or just any formal occasion i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tasha, she was awesome!

  • Oct 20, 2009 by Cathy K.

    I had my hair done here once, and wont be going back. It was a very mediocre job. My stylest ran about 15 minutes late for the appointment. The girls there are very rude and stuck up.

  • Oct 03, 2009 by Meggie B.

    Went here because I'm trying to figure out where to get a decent wax at home...and will definitely not be coming back. My esthetician was slow and did fairly shoddy work. She used hard wax, which hurts more and tends to break the hairs rather than pull 'em out. She definitely wasn't committed to doing a good job - no tweezing afterwards and things were a wee bit asymmetrical. Now, I  know I don't have a boyfriend at the moment so no one's really taking a close look at that zone, but come on now. You are a licensed professional and should be taking pride in your job. Also, wayyy expensive. She also tried to charge me $10 more than the website stated the price would be. Thumbs way down.

  • Sep 22, 2009 by A C.

    Bladerunner is one of the nicest salons on the Central Coast.  I have seen Melissa on and off for the last three years.  I don't live in the area anymore which is why I only see her when I'm in town.  Every time she cuts/colors my hair I am always happy with the result.  Not only is she an excellent stylist but she is fun and loving.  I always have a good time when I see Melissa.  It's a nice break from my busy life.  I leave with a great style, big smile and I feel well taken care of.  The front desk girls are not always the most attentive or friendly but Melissa makes up for it. I highly recommend her as a stylist.

  • Sep 05, 2009 by Kristin A.

    This is the most professional, beautiful, well run salon and spa I have EVER been too.  I have been to many others including very nice salons in San Francisco and San Diego.  None of them even come close to The Bladerunner.  They are always very professional and have always confirmed my appointments.  Once you are sitting in the chair you immediately relax simply from the atmosphere and you get the feeling of being pampered right away.  Todd (who is absolutely amazing) acts like you are his only client and takes his time to do a fabulous job (I don't even tell him what to do because he is so good at his craft ).  I have never been disappointed and I always walk out feeling beautiful.   The Bladerunner recently won "Top Salon" in a battle of the salons.  I was fortunate enough to attend these "battles" and I can honestly say that the entire team at The Bladerunner is extremely talented and creative. They deserve their title. I have had such a great experience there and my hair looks so good that my mother in law from LA wants to come up here for her next appointment.  I also have friends waiting to try it out.   I highly recommend this salon.  You will be very pleased!

  • Aug 25, 2009 by Aida N.

    I use to love this place! I went here for everything ..and only had one girl I went to. It's so hard to find a genuinely good hair/facial person. Anyway she doesn't work there anymore, so I don't think it is worth it :(

  • Aug 21, 2009 by R J.

    Apologies in advance for the long review, but I just want to give you all the details explaining why you should never go here. I can't speak to the hairstylists skills or the spa portion of it, but what I am rating is their customer service, which is HORRIBLE!!! If I could give them zero stars, I would. My friend, who lives in San Diego, was getting married up in Pismo Beach and needed to find a hairstylist who would come to her hotel to do her hair before the wedding. Unfortunately, she ended up with Melissa Silva. So she had the trial done and made arrangements with Melissa to have her come to the hotel before the wedding. So the wedding day arrives and the bride calls Melissa to let her know which room she's in, but Melissa doesn't answer her phone. She calls again a little later, and still no answer. The Bride called me a little worried, but hoped that maybe she was just on her way and didn't hear her phone ringing. So by the time I got to the hotel to help the bride get ready, I went to give her a hug and she just started balling. Melissa still hadn't called and the wedding was in a couple hours. My heart just sunk to have to watch my best friend crying on her wedding day. There are supposed to only be good tears on your wedding day. :( So while we struggle to figure out what to do, I offer to try and call Melissa hoping she might actually answer her phone. Of course, she doesn't, but while I'm in the middle of leaving a message she finally calls in on the other line. My first response is of course, "Where are you?", to which she rudely replied "I'm at home, who is this?" I just about lost it after hearing her attitude. After explaining to her exactly who I was and what was going on, her response was, "Nobody called me to confirm. I thought it was cancelled." Ok, first of all, when should the client EVER be responsible for calling to confirm an appointment? And second of all, if she had a concern that it was cancelled, why would she not call rather then just assume??? It's for a wedding, not just some up-do for fun. She was completely unprofessional and rude. So I told her not to bother showing up, and that the bride expects a full refund for the trial. At first, she refused saying "the trials are nonrefundable", but after I yelled at her that the trial was for nothing and that she didn't even show up, she agreed to do the refund. Ok, so that alone would be grounds for a poor rating, but there's more... After the bride returns from her honeymoon, she calls the salon and leaves a message for the owner to explain what happened and to let them know that she expects a full refund. She doesn't get a call back for several days, but finally the owner calls back, and fortunately they are completely apologetic and assure her that the money will be refunded. A couple weeks later, my friend receives a $75 refund for the trial, but Melissa had the nerve to keep the $25 tip! I understand that it was her tip, but honestly, is $25 really worth making things more difficult over? So, of course, the bride calls and says she wants a FULL refund, including the $25, and apparently Melissa got an attitude with her and refused.  It just blows me away that she is stingy enough to keep the tip when she could have potentially ruined her wedding day.  Not once did she even bother apologizing for the mistake.  If she had handled the situation like a professional, this whole thing would not even be an issue.  It's not about the money, its about the principal. The entire experience was a complete nightmare. I urge you, please do not go to this salon, and if you do, I would recommend you ask for any stylist other than Melissa.

  • Aug 21, 2009 by Michael E.

    Normally, it would pain me to write a really negative review.  In this case, it will not pain me at all.  Melissa is going to be bringing down The Bladerunner's Yelp rating due to her awful customer service.  Melissa, when you have an appointment, you are supposed to show up.  When you fail to show up to the scheduled event, you do bad business.  It's understandable that from time to time things happen causing you to have to cancel.  If that were the situation and you notified us and found us someone else to do your job, things would be okay.  This is not the case.  You failed to show up.  You never contacted us to let us know you were showing up.  After calling several times and leaving voice mails, you finally return the phone call a couple of hours later asking if it is too late to still come out?  Bad bad bad business practice.  Even worse business when following up while trying to get a refund.  Please do yourselves a favor and find another hairdresser.  There are plenty to choose from in SLO.  Hopefully you will not make the same mistake we made.

  • Jun 23, 2009 by Michelle G

    WONDERFUL! Todd is the BEST. The spa is decorated BEAUTIFULLY. It's a wonderfully calming atmosphere. All of their masseuse are very good. I've had the hot rock and it was amazing. They never disappoint!

  • Jun 08, 2009 by Anirt

    My appointment was with Tai. I told him I wanted to lighten my hair- it came out white blonde! I told him I wanted to keep my length and he apparently didn't understand what I meant... I was so distracted by my hair that I didn't notice my…

  • Apr 05, 2009 by Raquel R.

    go to brad. he's new... he's from bluebird.... he's awesome.... he used to train people for paul mitchell..... I don't know why he is in this town but he is and I'm happy...... he is totally awesomely nice and hip...... he genuinely cares about giving you a fantastic cut and color. brad moved... tears of sadness. I don't know who else is good here.

  • Mar 10, 2009 by will r.

    Walking in off the street blindly putting all power into whatever random stylist is available RARELY turns out great... or even good.  It's like haircut Russian Roulette. I chanced it and ended up with Jon.  He did a great job, was creative but kept it professional (my only request).  I've never been so instantly impressed with a haircut. I will definitely be returning.

  • Nov 13, 2008 by Jamie N.

    OK I still love bladerunner. Just had my hair done again today, I couldn't get Lorily because she is going out of town, but Ryan did my hair and he did a good job. It isnt my favorite, and he dyed my hair darker than I would have liked, but it still looks great so I won't complain too much. And the cut looks great, for now... But we will see how it grows out. The last cut Lorily gave me grew out so well, I love it I can't wait to go back to her again.

  • Sep 10, 2008 by Heather L.

    The receptionist at the front counter is ALWAYS rude on the phone and in person!! If you are not in your early 20's she makes you feel old. I can quote " My mom has hair and skin like yours" I am only 40 and that was very rude !!! I will never go back.

  • Dec 09, 2007 by CaliMae L.

    The Bladerunner Salon is very nice and spacious.  A couple of years ago I had a few pedicures here but was unhappy with the service.  I thought the price was very high and a few of the treatments were missed or poorly done.  I also didn't like that the manicurist kept talking to me and asking questions while I was trying to relax.  I no longer get my pedicure here. The spa area is separate from the salon with its own little waiting room that is quiet.  I feel that they have one of the best day spas on the Central Coast!  I have been coming to the Bladerunner for my brazilian bikini waxings and I can recommend both Nora and Jennifer.  Between both of them they offer appointments 7 days a week and I can usually get an appointment within a couple of days.  They do a very good job and are fast!

  • Aug 09, 2007 by Alex G.

    My very favorite hair-stylist Tiffany (who I still drive down to SLO to see) just moved over to Blade-Runner, so I guess that means I moved to Blade-Runner too. It is so nice when you go in. Warm and rich coloring, pretty glassware on the walls, very clean, very Zen music. The stylists have a dress-code and all look like people I'd trust my appearance to, but they are all very different in personality, which I like. Of course I loved my hair-do, cause I love Tiffany, but it was even better cause she seemed so happy there as a stylist. She told me that it was run very professionally, which is always nice to hear as a customer. Best part - they serve wine. I didn't have any cause it was 11am, but I noticed an attractive middle-aged housewife with a glass of white. Very classy. I can't speak for the massage services, but I would love to go back for a treatment. It's cool and chic, but not snobby. I wish I could afford to be a regular.

  • Jun 21, 2007 by ceeceela

    I made an appt. with Kimberly a few weeks before my wedding. I didn't have time to do a run through but I didn't need it. Kimberly asked questions to find out what kind of wedding I was having, what I was like, what my dress was like (i.e.…

  • Apr 24, 2007 by kendraneipp

    This was my second facial. I wasn't impressed with the experience. The facialist didn't talk me through it as I would have expected, for instance letting me know that an icy cold brush was about to applied to my skin...I wouldn't use her…

  • Feb 14, 2007 by Lilani E.

    The Blade Runner has totally revamped itself since 2000.  Not that it was horrible in 2000, it just wasn't as chic! I went up to SLO....mmmm...just a couple weeks ago and they had moved across the street from their old location.  2 of my friends work there and failed to tell me how much it's changed.  From their hair stations to their was really nice...nicer than most I've seen down here in LA. They have a separate massage area and John my masseur was awesome.  I had an hour long specific "kind" (ie Shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, etc.)...I just told him, "make it an hour long...for a dancer..." and he knew exactly how to get my hip area and my leg and back was awesome. Blade Runner is definitely one of those SLO jewels...if you're a student, I would definitely save up and treat myself at least once a quarter there or something.  I wish I did!!

  • Apr 29, 2006 by Nga T.

    I was driving to SLO to visit my boyfriend and when I got there my back was in pain.  So the next day I had to set up an appointment for a massage and they had an available time slot for the same day.  I forgot the name of the massage therapist but he was a guy  and he did a GREAT job.  He got the all of the knots out of my back and trust me my back was jacked up.. The massage therapist could probably could feel the pain I was in from the knots I had in my back.. Only downer was the massage room was kinda small but I forgot all about the size of the room when I got my massage.  He saved my life for the day.

  • Sep 03, 2005 by Amy G

    Let me start off by saying that I expected everything to cost a fortune here since it was called a "day spa". I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were priced about the same, or even a little lower, than most beauty shops. They…